Thai Yoga (Non-Oil)

Looking to enhance your Yoga experience or someone who is feeling tight and stiff – try the Thai Yoga massage, tailored to your flexibility.

Using authentic Thai techniques combined with a special form of yoga merging rhythmic massage to assist acupressure along the body. The massage involves stretching the back, neck, shoulders and legs while applying firm pressure to muscles allowing improved blood flow.

Relaxation (With-Oil)

For the mind as much as the body, this massage is for person looking for a full relaxation experience.

This gentle, oil-based massage, involving slow hand-movements at a soft-to-medium level of pressure, releases stress from the body and the mind.

Combination (Thai+Oil)

Extremely popular with customers, a combination of stretching and massage gives you the best of both worlds.

Starting with a Thai Yoga massage followed by a choice of oil massage, this service includes gentle stretching and massage in combination to relieve stress and tiredness.

*Due to time limitation, for massage session of 60-minute or less, oil is applied only to the back.

After completion of the body massage

We finish with upper body stretching, and freshen up your body with a hot steam towel, helping relax the muscles.

45 min 60 min 75 min 90 min 120 min
Full Price $55 $70 $85 $105 $135
Cash Price $52 $65 $80 $100 $130

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